Tina Gardella, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tina has her Massachusetts state license HIS for dispensing hearing aids and is a member of the International Hearing Society. Tina first joined Digital Hearing healthcare as an extern in October 2011. She also has a degree in retail merchandising and has worked in technical sales and consulting for over 25 years. She began employment as a customer service representative working on the phones and worked her way up to a field sales position with a prominent Electronics distribution company. After her second child was born, she left corporate sales and started up her own home based business that was successful for over ten years.

Tina has a substantial hearing loss and has worn hearing aids most of her life. As a result of this experience, Tina has a passion for improving our patient’s hearing. She knows the difficulties of finding a hearing care provider who comprehends the full hearing loss experience. She utilizes her technical knowledge, work experience and most of all her caring empathetic touch to help others improve their lives through better hearing. Tina is one of the most unique hearing care providers in the Boston area by virtue of her personal experience with hearing loss and hearing aids.

She also has a passion for health and wellness and has taking up running and has completed her first 10K and working on a half marathon.

Tina lives with her husband Sean, two children and her two lovable Labradoodles. She loves to read, bowling and enjoys travel.