Jane Szarythe, B.S., HIS

Front Office Staff

Jane is everyone’s first point of contact with our practice, greeting everyone with a pleasant smile, scheduling appointments at all our locations, hearing aid inspections and cleanings and general bookkeeping. She recently passed the Massachusetts Hearing Instrument Specialist licensing exam allowing her to work with our patients now as a provider performing hearing tests and dispensing hearing aids and is a member of the International Hearing Society. She is always available to assist patients who walk in, troubleshooting and diagnosing hearing device issues. Jane supports the mission of our Audigy certified practice by demonstrating exceptional patient care with every patient she meets, consistently exceeding expectations and has been recognized several times by Audigy Group for her contributions to our practice. She has been our office manager for the past six years and now is excited to work with patients as a provider in the practice as well!

Jane has her B.S. in Geography, Travel and Tourism from Salem State University with a concentration in Business Management. After graduation she was employed for 15 years in the travel industry where she specialized in customer service. Following that, she had jobs in accounting at companies such as The Trustees of Reservations, Danforth and Carey and worked at Anna Jaques Hospital for 4 years in their Finance Department.

She lives in Haverhill, MA with her husband Richard but also frequently in Chelsea, MA taking care of her elderly parents who both have a hearing loss. Her son Luke and daughter Amanda are both young adult professionals and Amanda is currently our Doctor of Audiology Graduate Clinician having recently joined the Digital Hearing Healthcare team as well!